For the last few years, I’ve kept Digital Outburst alive off my own back as it was a side project of sorts. However, since 2016 it has become my main outlet for video game coverage. I’ve held off going down the adverts route because of a) their increasingly invasive nature towards the audience and b) most people use Ad Blockers anyway, but it’s reached the point where I need support to keep the same level of content flowing.

The main target is to cover the website hosting costs, but the dream is having the funds to spend more time producing content you enjoy. Before anyone starts panicking, I want to stress that I’m not saying the site will close if I don’t get XX amount of monies, but if everybody who visits the and enjoys my content were to donate a few pounds it would cover the hosting costs (provided by the fantastic folk at  Krystal) for a couple of years.

To that end, I’m using (the appropriately-named) Ko-fi as a method for you to show your appreciation for the coverage. By throwing the price of a cup of coffee my way you’re making a huge difference. Hit the link below to learn how!

I’ll update both this page and the Ko-fi page with new goals as we progress, but even if you’re not able to help I still want to thank you for taking the time to visit Digital Outburst. Don’t be a stranger in the comments – let me know what you think or even post suggestions on what you would like to see in the future!