About Digital Outburst

Digital Outburst is the virtual home of content creator Carl Phillips. It’s a place where you will find all of Carl’s game reviews, video interviews / previews / escapades, other non-gaming-but-still-geeky things, and anything else he consider requires your attention. In short, expect all of Carl’s gaming ramblings, along with other random stuff.

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About Carl

Carl has been a creator of digital content since 2011. Starting off as a writer for consumer-based gaming site Dealspwn, he has extended his skills to producing video and audio content, and is currently working in a freelance capacity. Having been gaming since the days of the Dragon 32, all the way to the current crop of consoles and PC titles, they would describe themselves as a “gaming connoisseur,” and then would sigh into oblivion for using that phrase in public.

Want to get in touch?

Do you have a game you’d like us to check out? Perhaps you want to collaborate on something? Or maybe you wish to invite Carl to derail improve your podcast? Whatever the enquiry, you can contact us at carl[at]digitaloutburst[dot]net, or find him on Twitter @CarlPhillipsUK.