There are many things I miss from my time working at Dealspwn, but what I have probably missed the most is recording the Game Buzz, our weekly podcast. Discussing the gaming news and going off on ridiculous tangents with Matt & Jon often resulted in some absolutely memorable moments, most of which can be found in the ‘Best Of’ episode I produced. With Matt off in pastures new and Jon leading the way in Body Pillow testing, it appeared the dream was truly over. Well, it was until a Twitter conversation between Matt & I this week reminded us both that the internet still needs our blue sky thinking and flawless problem-solving in an industry gone mad.

So, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the rebooted Game Buzz!

We’re still unsure on what form the podcast will take in future episodes, but our hope is to discuss the big new stories of the week along with various topics that we hope you’ll find interesting (or at the very least mildly entertaining.) In our pilot episode, Matt and I chat about Bethesda’s new (anti) review policy, discuss the Nintendo Switch, and bid farewell to Uwe Boll’s career as a filmmaker.

Do let us know what you thought in the comments, along with any questions you may want to put to us in next week’s episode!