We all love free games, especially when the title in question is good, but in this particular case the game is absolutely essential. What I’m trying to say is that if you haven’t played Rayman Origins yet you should definitely head over to the Ubisoft Club website, grab this freebie and redeem yourselves from damnation.


Boasting a beautiful art style thanks to the UbiArt game engine, a cast of wonderful characters filled with the series’ trademark insanity, and a difficultly curve that keeps players on their toes, Rayman Origins was a standout highlight from the last generation of consoles. The music-based chase levels were a personal favourite of mine, something that Ubisoft wisely expanded upon with its masterful sequel Rayman Legends.


The giveaway is part of Ubisoft’s 30th-anniversary celebrations this year, and while their last offering was pretty good – the original Splinter Cell, with delicious Michael Ironside hamminess – this is without a doubt something on another level. Look, I’m not sure I have any other way of saying that you should have stopped reading this post and downloaded it already, so stop delaying and get on with it.

For more details on how to get hold of your free copy of Rayman Legends, head over to the Ubisoft Club website.