I’m a big supporter of Video Game Music concerts, having attended many performances over the last five years. Its mainstream appeal has reached new heights thanks to the exposure from the Classic FM Hall of Fame, but what’s really impressive is the breadth of titles now being featured. Final Fantasy is an obvious one, but The Legend of Zelda, Halo, and World of Warcraft have all seen their soundtracks performed by renowned orchestras across the world. It has warmed my heart to the growth of the genre’s popularity, but then again I’m biassed – I’m a classically trained violinist.

Another series that has received the live performance treatment over the last few years is Pokemon. The Symphonic Evolutions series has received rave reviews for its orchestral adaptations, featuring music all the way from Pokemon Red & Blue to the more recently Pokemon X & Y. In fairness, it’s always impressive to hear midi soundtracks adapted for a full orchestra, especially when It breathes new life into childhood memories. Hell, I wasn’t a Pokemon fan when I was younger (as I never owned a Nintendo handheld until last year) but even I can appreciate how magical it is to hear the Kanto region music being reborn from its midi origins.

Not to mention the battle music. Hot. Damn.

This morning, it was announced that the Symphonic Evolutions tour would be returning to London at the end of the year, with the London Philharmonic Orchestra performing. Taking place on December 18th & 19th at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, the timing for both the tickets being sold & the date of the concert is almost too perfect. After all, the Pokemon Go craze is still in full swing (as is the universal hatred for Zubats) and Pokemon Sun & Moon will be releasing in November. VGM concerts are always a big social event for those in attendance, but I can honestly see this being something larger this year. After all, it would seem a waste of an opportunity not to take advantage of the perfect storm of success Pokemon Go has achieved, especially at a high-profile event such as this.

You can learn more about the concert series by heading over to the official Pokemon: Symphonic Evolution website. If you’re sold on the idea of going to concert you can buy tickets here (with prices starting from £39,87)