With The Division now available worldwide (after a few shaky hours involving server outages – gotta love launch days) we’re finally stomping around the mid-crisis New York City. One topic of interest to many people was how much character customisation would be available in the full game, as we had previously only had randomisation in the beta. So, for our latest episode of So Let’s Investigate, we check out the cosmetic choices awaiting both players & their future avatars, before they dive into Ubisoft’s open-world urban hellscape.

If you were hoping for the ability to tweak every little detail about your character you’re probably playing the wrong game, as the options here are pretty bare bone. Hell, I’ll be the first to say that I was expecting more hair options at the very least. That said, what is there is certainly on par with the options available in similar titles like Destiny and Defiance (because apparently all persistent online shooters must start their name with a D.) Besides, it’s quite clear that most of the customisation will take place in the form of clothing and weapons looted in-game.

That said, I do find it weird how hair choices, which are already limited, are also restricted on certain face shapes / race . Why can I have the majestic beard and funky hair cut on one face, and not on another? I can appreciate that the developers may have felt some combinations looked better than others, but with character height and face shape generally being the same surely the decision of what looks best should be left to the player.

Still, in a game where we’re going to be shooting players and AI alike for their previous loot, or looking a stray dogs who are defecating in the snow, I ultimately don’t think the lack of options will matter. Sure, it’s disappointing, but I doubt I’ll care once I get a sweet new hat.

Stay tuned for more coverage on The Division!