Well, here we are. After weeks of practising, betrayals, failing, impromptu races, more betrayals, roleplaying, car juggling, even more betrayals, and plenty of controversial piloting, the team stand at the final leg of our goal – completing the Criminal Mastermind achievement. One final heist is all that stands between them and victory, with a single death capable of ending their dream.

So, for today’s episode of Los Santos Misadventures, we’ve decided to do something different – an (almost) full run of the team doing the Pacific Standard heist on Hard, but with multiple perspectives, so you can see exactly what went down.

Did our team of criminals make it? Was it a smooth operation? Or did they find a way to mess it up the only way they know how? You’ll have to watch today’s video to find out!

Stay tuned for more videos soon! If you haven’t watched any of this madness yet, you can catch up with Parts 1-12 here.