I love it when I come across something wonderful by accident.

You see, I have been feeling rather cautious in regards to the upcoming Attack on Titan game for PS4 and Vita. Developers Koei Temco hadn’t done enough to help me get over the feeling that it would be yet another reskined “Warriors” title, and so I’ve kept my excitement in check. However, last week it was announced that there would be multiplayer functionality added. Intrigued, I immediately began a search for “Attack on Titan Game” to find out more info.

I was expecting to get a few hits for the Unity-powered Attack on Titan Tribute Game, developed by a guy named Feng. I actually took a look at it last year in the very first So Let’s Investigate…, demonstrating the fun of swinging around the Trost district and the Forest of Giant Trees, slaying titans both on my lonesome and with others. It wasn’t perfect, mind, and continues to be plagued with crashes, hackers, and other annoying issues. There’s also the use of ‘Chibi’ artstyle for the visuals, which has been a dealbreaker for many people. Still, its servers remain well populated, and it simulates the fight against the monstrous titans rather well.

The thing is, Feng’s project wasn’t what I saw in the first few hits of my search. Instead, I came across a different name – Guedin. With my curiosity piqued, I took a look at this other Attack on Titan fan-made project. What I discovered actually surprised me.

Despite being in the early stages of development, Guedin’s Attack on Titan Tribute Game shows a lot of promise already, and I feel it’s largely down to it being developed using the Unreal Engine 4. I’m a huge fan of Epic’s approach to its engine and development community (as shown in an interview I did with some of the team back in 2014) and it’s clear that Guedin has taken advantage of what’s available so far. While it’s very much a work-in-progress, having been working on it since early 2014, the controls feel very responsive, the movements look incredibly fluid, and there are enough nods to its source material to make it feel just as good as any official tie-in.

There are some issues that I highlight in the video above, but I came away from the latest build eager to see more. I’ve already spent many hours swinging around the Time Trial races that were added at the start of the year, but I can’t wait to see if Guedin can pull off the feeling of going one-on-one with the monstrous titans. With with the goal to create a multiplayer horde-mode title where players fight off waves of enemies, I really do hope he managed to get it finished in the near(ish) future.

For now, though, you can head over to the GAoTTG official page on IndieDB to download the latest build for free. Be sure to give it a go and let us (and Guedin!) know your thoughts. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on the fan project’s future builds as they are released, so stay tuned!