The words “highly anticipated” get used a lot in our industry, but when it came to Fallout 4 their use was more than justified. Its official unveiling back in June stormed (and arguably won) this year’s E3, and the hype train didn’t slow down in the weeks to its release, ending with wearable PipBoys and officially licensed beer.

I’m surprised they stopped there – I was half expecting Bethesda to release officially licensed German Shepherds.

But now the dust has settled and I’ve finally played through the latest instalment in the Fallout series. Did the massive, open-world RPG manage to match the anticipation? Did it come with the mixture of hilarious and game-breaking bugs that Bethesda titles are known for? Did I spend all of my time running away from deathclaws whilst screaming? You can find all those answers and more in our video review.


  • Some of the best writing Bethesda have produced.
  • Streamlined progression systems make for a better experience.
  • Customisation opens are plentiful and will steal the hours away.


  • As usual, there are bugs to be found – some more troublesome than others.
  • Performance does suffer during large battles.
  • Relationships of companions appear somewhat oversimplified.


The Short Version:

While there may be bugs, and some mechanics not clearly explained, it’s hard not to be in awe of the extensive open world Bethesda have created with the Commonwealth. Streamlined progression, an improved narrative, and extensive customisation make Fallout 4 a serious contender to the RPG throne.

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Platforms: PS4 (tested) | Xbox One | PC

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks