Yes, I know. I haven’t posted anything in ages. Blame life. And me, probably. As an apology, I’ve decided to highlight something that’s not only very relevant to my interests, but is also really good fun to play. It’s the Attack on Titan Tribute Game – a fairly self-explanatory title based on the incredibly popular manga / anime series – which has been built up by a single person using the Unity Web Player.

That in itself is an impressive feat, but the fact it’s also incredibly fun to play, and includes multiplayer, is an outstanding achievement for just one programmer.

It’s that reason why I’ve chosen this game to kick off a new series of videos, “So Let’s Investigate..,” where the aim is to look at  The third-person combat plays very similarly to the rather excellent Spider-Man 2 game of yesteryear, with the ODM gear from the show allowing for utterly ridiculous, gravity-defying traversal. It ultimately allows players to come incredibly close to the high-octane action of the show, whizzing past buildings and circling Titans at high speed as they try to slay them (and not get smashed / eaten in horrifying ways.)  Admittedly, using the ODM gear takes some getting used to, but while basic tutorial does a good job of introducing players to how the game functions, in the end players will need to learn by doing. In other words, expect to die when you first start playing. A lot.

There are various game types included, many of which recreate key parts of the story (which obviously makes it very spoiler-rific) as well as some non-cannon encounters that make for a great challenge even for the most skilled players (such as fighting the Colossal Titan, in all his gigantic, murderous glory.) On top of this, you are able to play as the main cast from AoT, each of which have their own special abilities such as Levi’s spinny-blade attack, Mikasa’s downward slice, and Sasha’s speed burst by eating a potato (obviously.) The ability to create customer characters is welcome touch as well, along with tweaking player stats to allow for better speed, acceleration, or gas and blade durability.

With it being a Unity Web Player game, it means you can play it for free, so give it a go by heading over to the Attack on Titan Tribute Game website. If you do end up liking it, I’d recommend using the RC Mod as it not only allows you to use custom skins but allows you to use an actual name (the sign-in box and register option has been broken for the longest time, so this mod helps not being labeled as “GUEST12345 by default.)

Stay tuned for more videos on AoTTG, as I plan on roping in a few others to take on the multiplayer servers. If you think you’re up to the challenge feel free to drop me a line on here or over on Twitter!