In an effort to join the ever-populated world of gaming commentary videos (or “let’s plays” as they are better known) I have decided to do my own take on it. You see, watching me make an ass out of myself – be it playing Titanfall with a joystick, or playing Hot Lava within Just Cause 2 – is all well and good, but having another person involved helps to mix things up. Something that invites those little moments that cause a gamer’s eye to twitch.

“You missed that thing over there.” “Why didn’t you do the other thing? That was clearly the better option.” “Oh my god, I can’t believe you did that to that person, YOU MONSTER.”

Thankfully, those kind of moments are usually pretty funny for those watching it happen.

So over the course of a few beers at a previous Gamescom, myself and my former partner in crime Matt Gardner (now living it up in the land of Green Man Gaming) came up with an idea that took those moments of frustration and conflict and put them into video gaming form. So, welcome to Backseat Gamer!

For its inaugural run, I decided to test out the format in the first episode of DONTNOD’s charming adventure title Life Is Strange “Chrysalis,” and joining me as the angel / devil on the shoulder is my other half Rebecca. Witness as we begin our journey of guiding angsty teenager Max through high school tribulations and paranormal shenanigans, and getting easily distracted along the way. There will be new episodes posted daily over on the DO YouTube channel (all in the run-up to the release of the second episode of Life Is Strange, coincidentally) and we’ll be looking to do more contained episodes in sandbox titles moving forward, so be sure to subscribe to be the first to know when the videos go live!