Last week we finally got the second part of Dreamfall Chapters, something I’ve been yearning for after its stellar debut episode last year. What should have taken me just a few hours to complete ended up taking me double that time thanks to the encouragement to explore, and the dystopian streets of Propast were nothing short of brilliant to do that in. This was all on top of the various and widely differing paths players could choose to go down. In my opinion, Book One: Reborn put the current standards of adventure games to shame.

Of course, the task of delivering a worthwhile second episode was always going to be a challenge, and despite Book Two: Rebels being twice the size of the preceding instalment, Red Thread Games have delivered another top-notch slice of adventure gaming. Yes, there are quite a few cosmetic bugs throughout it (that will hopefully be patched sooner than later) but the excellent writing and witty banter of its characters trumps any cosmetic issues I had with it. To learn more about what I thought, you can watch my video review embeded on this page!