So the first phase of my return to online videography (or “tubing” as I assume the kids say) is done and dusted, with ‘Backseat Gamer – Life Is Strange Episode 1’ now complete (if you missed it, here’s the full playlist.) Those of you who have watched it will know that I really enjoyed my time with DONTNOD’s adventure game debut. Its mix of teenage tribulations and paranormal mishaps created an entertaining narrative in a surprisingly grounded world. When we weren’t being torn by some excellent (and downright difficult) choices, we were being easily distracted by random things dotted around the environment.

Like squirrels, and the sudden urge to eat a burger. God, we were so hungry.

Of course, what made the playthrough all the more memorable was how it wasn’t just my feelings that were taken into account – my backseat gamer Becky was influencing the decisions as well. Together we reveled in the game’s artstyle, sighed at some of the ‘teenage’ dialogue, and struggled with the choices put before us. And you know what? For a first run at doing this sort of thing, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Sure, it wasn’t perfect (and keeping the commentary going is always a challenge) but we enjoyed making it. So much so that we’re doing another round, this time with the second episode of Life is Strange, Out of Time. We’ve already got something a little different to run once this run of Backseat Gamer is over, but you can expect new instalments to be posted every day on the YouTube channel.

As always, if you have any feedback please do feel free to drop me a line!