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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Review | A heartfelt reconnection

3rd February 2017 |

Returning to the Kingdom Hearts franchise after all this time has been something of a homecoming of sorts. I still remember picking up my launch day copy of Kingdom Hearts on PS2 and marvelling at its intro sequence upon the … Read More

Final Fantasy XV Review | Strength of the heart

16th December 2016 |

I must admit that I ended up relating to the journey of Noctis and co. far more than I probably should have. That feeling of four friends on the open road, discovering new places and forging new memories, reminded me … Read More

Dishonored 2 Review | Out from the shadows

24th November 2016 |

There were a number of times during my Dishonored 2 playthrough where I just stopped in my tracks, taking in the juxtaposed world around me instead of sneaking around it. One such moment occurred when I hid around a corner, … Read More

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Review | Hex-y thoughts

11th November 2016 |

I absolutely friggin hate Queen Victoria.

Every time I see her damn English units appear from the fog of war I know trouble isn’t far away. It doesn’t matter if I treat her with respect or establish lucrative … Read More

World of Final Fantasy Review | Gotta catch ‘em Squall

8th November 2016 | | One Comment

Over the last decade, Square Enix have repeated the mantra that the Final Fantasy series is one of evolution. Each instalment tries something new with its various gameplay systems, some of which have been well received and others that … Read More

WWE 2K17 Review | On the ropes

27th October 2016 | | One Comment

I think it’s time I admitted something to you all – my name is Carl and I’m a wrestling fan.

Ever since the glory days of Bret Hart I’ve appreciated the pageantry and pantomime-esque nature of it … Read More

World of Warcraft: Legion Review | Back in the habit

12th October 2016 | | One Comment

“MMORPGs are dying,” they said. “Nobody has time to play them,” they said. “WoW’s clearly going Free-To-Play next month,” they said.

These are just a few of the observations that have been floating around the internet for years, … Read More

BioShock: The Collection Review | In the eye of the beholder

28th September 2016 | | One Comment

I had to double check this fact was correct, although doing so made me feel so damn old. It turned out to be right, though – it’s been almost ten years since gamers took their first steps in the underwater … Read More

Seasons After Fall Review | An artistic triumph

2nd September 2016 | | One Comment

Near the start of my playthrough, there was this magical moment where everything just clicked together. The tiny fox I was controlling began to run along a colourful cliffside, with the sound of the wind blowing and the waves crashing … Read More

The Turing Test Review | The human element

25th August 2016 |

There were numerous times throughout The Turing Test that I asked myself the same question – do I think about solutions in a mechanical way? Have years of rule sets and gameplay restrictions limited my ability to think outside the … Read More