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Dishonored 2 Review | Out from the shadows

24th November 2016 |

There were a number of times during my Dishonored 2 playthrough where I just stopped in my tracks, taking in the juxtaposed world around me instead of sneaking around it. One such moment occurred when I hid around a corner, … Read More

Black Friday UK 2016 | Carl’s helpful guide on navigating this year’s video game deals

21st November 2016 | | One Comment

My Dealspwn days may be long behind me, but somebody needs to look out for you all during this year’s craziest retail day – Black Friday. Yes, it’s almost time to keep an eye on you internet browsers and … Read More

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Review | Hex-y thoughts

11th November 2016 |

I absolutely friggin hate Queen Victoria.

Every time I see her damn English units appear from the fog of war I know trouble isn’t far away. It doesn’t matter if I treat her with respect or establish lucrative … Read More

World of Warcraft: Legion Review | Back in the habit

12th October 2016 | | One Comment

“MMORPGs are dying,” they said. “Nobody has time to play them,” they said. “WoW’s clearly going Free-To-Play next month,” they said.

These are just a few of the observations that have been floating around the internet for years, … Read More

Sniper Elite 4 Hands-on Preview | War journal of a terrible sniper

4th October 2016 | | One Comment

I have a weird relationship with the Sniper Elite series. On one hand, I love how you can plan your attacks and watch the gory aftermath with the X-ray kill cam. On the other hand, I hate how absolutely awful … Read More

Little Nightmares Hands-on Preview | Fun, fear, and sausages

30th September 2016 |

I had a list of titles I wanted to try out at this year’s EGX, and while Little Nightmares was certainly on it I will admit was it wasn’t near the top. That somewhat changed after a chat with one … Read More

Dishonored 2 Hands-on Preview | Like clockwork

29th September 2016 |

I must confess something before we go any further – I only got around to playing Dishonored a few months ago. It sat at the top of my Steam backlog like a mark of shame, but as things slowed down … Read More

BioShock: The Collection Review | In the eye of the beholder

28th September 2016 | | One Comment

I had to double check this fact was correct, although doing so made me feel so damn old. It turned out to be right, though – it’s been almost ten years since gamers took their first steps in the underwater … Read More

Seasons After Fall Review | An artistic triumph

2nd September 2016 | | One Comment

Near the start of my playthrough, there was this magical moment where everything just clicked together. The tiny fox I was controlling began to run along a colourful cliffside, with the sound of the wind blowing and the waves crashing … Read More

The Turing Test Review | The human element

25th August 2016 |

There were numerous times throughout The Turing Test that I asked myself the same question – do I think about solutions in a mechanical way? Have years of rule sets and gameplay restrictions limited my ability to think outside the … Read More