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Dreamfall Chapters – Book Two: Rebels Video Review

18th March 2015 | | One Comment

Last week we finally got the second part of Dreamfall Chapters, something I’ve been yearning for after its stellar debut episode last year. What should have taken me just a few hours to complete ended up taking me double that … Read More

Zombie Army Trilogy Review

12th March 2015 |

Those of you that have played the Nazi Zombie Army games will know what’s in store, but for those who have only just shambled in let’s get our summary on. In this alternate WWII timeline, the Allied victory is almost … Read More

Cities: Skylines Review

10th March 2015 |

Ever since the omni-shambles that was SimCity, we’ve yearned for a city building simulation that wasn’t a hot mess. We even hoped and dreamed that Maxis might salvage the wreckage of their game and actually deliver on the illusions / … Read More

Dragon Age: Inquisition Review

3rd December 2014 |

I had been wandering through the Hinterlands – the first open zone of the game – for over 3 hours. The vast area filled with things to find, quests to complete, and places to discover had absolutely consumed me. As … Read More

Rocksmith 2014 Edition PS4 Review

26th November 2014 |

Let’s begin with a bit of housekeeping – those of you that have bought or played Rocksmith 2014 Edition on PS3 or Xbox 360 will find an almost identical experience with the current-gen version. All the new modes and functionality … Read More

Dreamfall Chapters – Book One: Reborn Review

29th October 2014 | | One Comment

A range of emotions flowed over me on Monday morning. You see, after an eight-year wait with a damn cliffhanger, the next instalment of The Longest Journey saga was finally here. The stories of April Ryan and Zoe Castillo, of … Read More