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Uncharted Worlds | Why I’m finally ready to be hyped for Mass Effect Andromeda

2nd December 2016 |

It shouldn’t be too surprising that Andromeda was already one of my most anticipated game of next year. After all, I’ve made no secret of how much I enjoyed the Mass Effect trilogy. Its universe, filled with interesting characters and … Read More

Back of the net | The genius of FIFA 17’s free weekend

28th November 2016 | | One Comment

Free weekends aren’t a new concept. Online games (or multiplayer modes in AAA games) have been doing them for years, especially in the MMORPG scene, but last weekend EA took the approach one step further. They opened up most of … Read More

Black Friday UK 2016 | Carl’s helpful guide on navigating this year’s video game deals

21st November 2016 | | One Comment

My Dealspwn days may be long behind me, but somebody needs to look out for you all during this year’s craziest retail day – Black Friday. Yes, it’s almost time to keep an eye on you internet browsers and … Read More

PSA for PC gamers – Ensure you’re getting the best colours from your HDMI connection

17th November 2016 | | One Comment

PCs can be fickle things. When everything goes smoothly they can provide unrivalled gaming experiences with the right hardware, but so many issues can arise on the software side. I’ve lost count of the number of times my rigs have … Read More

The Division Patch 1.4 Impressions | Come in from the cold

28th October 2016 |

Even though I was impressed at launch it didn’t take long for me to stop playing The Division. The shooting mechanics were absolutely satisfying and its world building remains some of the best this year, but its end-game had issues … Read More

Nintendo Switch reveal impressions | Hybrid dreams that could end in nightmares

21st October 2016 | | 3 Comments

The Nintendo NX is dead. Long live the Nintendo Switch!

If you have yet to watch the reveal trailer you should probably do so right now. All done? Good. So let’s discuss why the reveal for the device formally known … Read More

Sniper Elite 4 Hands-on Preview | War journal of a terrible sniper

4th October 2016 | | One Comment

I have a weird relationship with the Sniper Elite series. On one hand, I love how you can plan your attacks and watch the gory aftermath with the X-ray kill cam. On the other hand, I hate how absolutely awful … Read More

Little Nightmares Hands-on Preview | Fun, fear, and sausages

30th September 2016 |

I had a list of titles I wanted to try out at this year’s EGX, and while Little Nightmares was certainly on it I will admit was it wasn’t near the top. That somewhat changed after a chat with one … Read More

Dishonored 2 Hands-on Preview | Like clockwork

29th September 2016 |

I must confess something before we go any further – I only got around to playing Dishonored a few months ago. It sat at the top of my Steam backlog like a mark of shame, but as things slowed down … Read More

Branching off – Why WoW: Legion’s treasures bring a spirit of adventure

9th September 2016 | | One Comment

While my review for Legion will be coming soon, I wanted to share an anecdote to illustrate one of my favourite aspects of Legion so far. You see, I had concerns heading into World of Warcraft’s latest expansion. Despite the … Read More