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Posts By Carl ‘Malkaurai’ Phillips

Developer Interview – Tim Jones on Zombie Army Trilogy

23rd February 2015 |

After putting the game through its paces at a press event last week, I spoke to Tim Jones, creative director at Rebellion Developments, about Zombie Army Trilogy. Topics include the community’s response to Sniper Elite 3, the improvements made for … Read More

Zombie Army Trilogy Hands-on Impressions

23rd February 2015 |

I quite like co-op games. There’s something about working together with your friends and overcoming the challenges thrown at you that that just can’t be beat. Then again, I quite like showing that I’m better than everyone else. Thankfully, the … Read More

It’s about time…

22nd February 2015 |

If you’ve found your way to this post, welcome to my new little piece of the internet! It’s taken me an age to get it going, but here we are at long last.

Chances are that you know of me … Read More

Dragon Age: Inquisition Review

3rd December 2014 |

I had been wandering through the Hinterlands – the first open zone of the game – for over 3 hours. The vast area filled with things to find, quests to complete, and places to discover had absolutely consumed me. As … Read More

Rocksmith 2014 Edition PS4 Review

26th November 2014 |

Let’s begin with a bit of housekeeping – those of you that have bought or played Rocksmith 2014 Edition on PS3 or Xbox 360 will find an almost identical experience with the current-gen version. All the new modes and functionality … Read More

Dreamfall Chapters – Book One: Reborn Review

29th October 2014 | | One Comment

A range of emotions flowed over me on Monday morning. You see, after an eight-year wait with a damn cliffhanger, the next instalment of The Longest Journey saga was finally here. The stories of April Ryan and Zoe Castillo, of … Read More

INTERVIEW | Epic Games on the new UK studio, UT’s development, & Unreal Engine 4’s strengths

3rd September 2014 | | One Comment

When we head over to Gamescom each year it’s usually the done thing to go and check out all the games. After all, there’s more than a few of them there, and here at Dealspwn we do like our games. … Read More