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PSA: We’re now on OpenCritic!

PSA: We’re now on OpenCritic!
Carl 'Malkaurai' Phillips

While websites such as this one tend to have a small but loyal audience, the truth is that our coverage (usually) never makes as big an impact as that produced by established, network-backed websites. Despite this, Digital Outburst has been fortunate that some developers, publishers and PR companies have continued to work with me this year (something I’m incredibly grateful for) but there are many others that understandably overlook us due to our size. It’s a simple numbers game, after all – larger audiences mean larger awareness. One of the ways to combat this is getting accepted on aggregate scoring sites like OpenCritic or MetaCritic, but up until now they too have said no for the same reasons. It’s a vicious chicken-and-egg scenario that is difficult to break from.

All hope isn’t lost, though, as we’ve got some exciting news to share – Digital Outburst is a launch partner for OpenCritic’s brand new Contributor program. You may be asking what that actually means, so here’s the answer straight from the fine folks at OpenCritic:

I’ve been listed as a Critic on their site since last year thanks to my work over on Dealspwn, but having Digital Outburst accepted as a Contributor is a fantastic opportunity for the website. We’re ever so grateful that OpenCritic has approved us as one of their launch partners for the program, as it means our reviews will be included on aggregate scores as long as readers add us to their preferred critics. So, if you are a frequent visitor to OpenCritic be sure to add us to your filters. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Sign up or Login using a Steam, Facebook, Twitch or Gmail account.


Step 2: Click on the Options cog in the top right corner.


Step 3: Scroll down to the Contributor section of the Trusted Source page, find Digital Outburst and tick the box next to it.


And you’re done!

Our first review as a Contributor will be going live next week (no, we can’t say what it is, but it’s an interesting one none the less!) so stay tuned, and thanks for continuing to support Digital Outburst. With Silly Season almost upon us, you can expect more reviews from DO in the near future!