When I started doing Backseat Gamer – a YouTube series where I play games while someone else dictates my (almost) ever move – I had one idea in the back of my mind that absolutely needed to be done. It mixed a fondly remembered childhood TV game show with the hijinks of Grand Theft Auto, and with last month’s release of the PC version it was time to let those two things collide.

It was time for Car Knightmare.

Enlisting the help of my good friend Drew, the goal was to see if we could navigate the streets of Los Santos in one piece, slowly upping the ante to bigger and more ridiculous scenarios. The end result was… well, you can see for yourself. There are five parts in the series, with parts two and (possibly) three hitting this week, as the playthrough of Life Is Strange will recommence as soon as the videos are rendered. So, sit back and enjoy my attempts doing the worse Daredevil impression of all time.